Having our clients return to us with new projects is one of the greatest joys of our business.

We have worked hard to earn a reputation for doing what it takes to complete a project safely and on time.  We have GREAT clients, and they trust us for whatever project comes next!

Our customers dictate the direction and focus of our company…

As Owensboro grows and is noticed by more and more national stores, restaurants, and businesses, our desire is to be there to help them settle into our community. Whether a commercial project or painting the homes of the newly arriving workforce, Ben Pearl Painting Inc. will be there on time with the right professionals to make it an easy transition. When our company tells you we will do something, you can bet our best will be given to you and your project. We bring a team of painters who care about their job and prove it on every project.

We pay our men with paychecks withholding taxes, paying workers comp, extend opportunities to advance, and pay above average wages so that when your crew arrives they do so with a smile and pride about themselves and the work they perform for you!


These fellas may have silly haircuts and tell bad jokes but when it comes to painting they are serious.

Some of these guys have been known to wrestle wild alligators and train grizzly bears, so they say applying epoxy floor coating, painting box stores, and a custom home or two, is a breeze!

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