16th of August 2018 09:05 PM Link
Any.....purpose. Hahahaha benpearlpainting.com
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11th of August 2018 03:08 PM Link
I’m too old for this stuff. I quit.
Message image
8th of August 2018 10:49 AM Link
One of these guys does not work with us.......the answer may surprise you. Hahahha
benpearlpainting.com or call 270-313-6934.
Message image
3rd of August 2018 11:58 AM Link
benpearlpainting.com Inquire about on site estimates, get painting tips, apply for a position or just laugh at us like most people do. Haha WORST PAINTERS IN TOWN (probably the county). 270-313-6934.
Message image
11th of July 2018 11:29 AM Link
Industrial services include abrasive blasting, epoxy coatings, submerged and partially submerged coatings, chemical resistant coatings and more. Find out yourself why we are “the worst painters ever” (hahaha)
Go to benpearlpainting.com to contact us or apply for a position. (270)-313-6934 for those of you who want to talk directly to the very worst one (Ben) hahahahaha
Message image
5th of July 2018 12:02 PM Link
Proudly working for our friends in Owensboro and surrounding areas.
We are Owensboro’s one stop painting team. Our team members are paid above local industry standards so when they show up to your project site they do so with smiles and a professional attitude as well as an eagerness to help.
benpearlpainting.com or call Ben directly at 270-313-6934 for an on site estimate. You may also request estimates by forwardingyour information as well as your blueprints to bpearl@benpearlpainting.com
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3rd of July 2018 04:16 PM Link

Ben said we were gonna have a pool party.....I thought he meant something else☹️☹️☹️
Message image
12th of June 2018 12:05 AM Link
Oh yea baby! We love to watch paint dry too hahahahaha
10th of June 2018 07:39 PM Link
Thank you Owensboro. We’ve known for sometime now and it was hard to keep it a secret haha. benpearlpainting.com
Message image
9th of June 2018 10:01 PM Link
Mike Chaney’s Punk Rock Show is on tonight at 8pm on 97x.
Brought to you by Ben Pearl Painting, because we absolutely positively couldn’t find anyone else to take our advertising money$ hahahaha
WORST PAINTERS EVER! benpearlpaintin.com
Message image
1st of June 2018 11:11 PM Link
Message image
19th of May 2018 12:49 PM Link
Good morning. Today we will be applying a flame retardant coating much like paint to a building here in Owensboro. This has a wide variety of uses in commercial, industrial and multi-family residential settings.
Call 270-313-6934 for information about how you can protect your investment or your team members with this coating.
Message image
14th of April 2018 04:40 PM Link
Huh. You would think we would paint the building a better color, hahaha Does anyone know any good painters? I heard we were the “worst” hahahaha
270-313-6934 benpearlpainting.com
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10th of April 2018 11:25 AM Link
Owensboro’s most talented, best smelling, most handsome, intellectual, kindest, strongest, most pleasant paint company in the WHOLE world. (Yes, the world. Haha)
benpearlpainting.com or 270-313-6934.
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7th of April 2018 01:24 AM Link
Mike Chaney’s punk rock show brought to you every Friday on 97X by Ben Pearl Painting Incorporated.
Because messing up your walls wasn’t enough for Ben, he also wants to turn your children into punk rockers! Hahahaha
4th of April 2018 12:38 PM Link
Paint fumes are 100% harmless. We’ve tested them. Hahahaha
4th of April 2018 12:36 PM Link
I don’t even know how to title this one. Hahahahaha.
benpearlpainting.com babysitting kittens on the side. HahahHa
Message image
3rd of April 2018 08:02 PM Link
This young fella is our newest hire. He was working for a shady construction company here in town and he says he can’t stand carpenters anymore. He wanted to be on a winning team. Hahahahaha
Message image
26th of March 2018 05:59 PM
Now hiring people who think they are painters. We’d hire any real ones too but most people just think they can paint so we’ve lowered our expectations. Hahahah benpearlpainting.com
24th of March 2018 01:27 AM Link
Goodnight Owensboro. We are continually honored to help preserve, maintain and beautify this AWSOME city.
We are still the WORST painters ever! 🤩🤩🤩 you can reach us by going to benpearlpainting.com or call Ben’s cell 270-313-6934. If you’d like Flooring estimates or would like to visit our showroom call Tommy at 270-316-8964 he is BPPI Flooring. Sales and installation by a seasoned expert. Get it done right with Tom and BPPI team members.
Message image
23rd of March 2018 04:46 AM Link
Just rehang it they said. It’ll be easy they said.
This wall covering has its own drywall already stuck to it. What a way to save time. benpearlpainting.com 270-313-6934, for flooring call 270-316-8964.
Message image
22nd of March 2018 07:31 PM
Now hiring.
15th of March 2018 09:43 PM Link
These guys are horrible painters. Worst in town.
Message image
15th of March 2018 07:23 PM Link
Painting and flooring. It’s what we do. How can we help your manufacturing facility, office, church or home?
benpearlpainting.com 270-313-6934 Ben Pearl’s cell, 270-316-8961 Tommy DeHart cell (flooring)
Message image
13th of March 2018 03:22 AM Link
We are proud to paint for such a wonderful people here in Owensboro.
11th of March 2018 02:22 PM Link
Did you get “tanked” last night?
Have no fear. We paint tanks haha.
Message image
8th of February 2018 12:07 PM Link
Yes, that is Julius Maddox. He forgot his lunch. Yes, that is all his food. Hahahaha benpearlpainting.com Painting, Flooring and lunch deliveries hahahah
Message image
7th of February 2018 07:53 PM Link
Some community work at Friends of Sinners. I was a client fresh out of the joint 7 years ago and if it wasn’t for the love these fellas showed myself and my family I would still be about that life. #goodplace
Message image
3rd of February 2018 05:40 PM Link
Laying it down for our friends of faith. Honored to install in such places. Tom 270-316-8961 or benpearlpainting.com. For painting or to confess your sins (haha) call Ben direct 270-313-6934.
Message image
25th of January 2018 11:07 AM Link
Here are a few things we can do for you at Ben Pearl Painting and BPPI FLOORING. You can reach us at benpearlpainting.com or call 270-313-6934 for painting, wall covering or epoxy floor questions. For flooring questions call Tommy at 270-316-8961.
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23rd of January 2018 07:31 PM Link
We can now spray any industrial coating you need, or we could use it to paint your house......from Indiana. #kaboom!
Message image
20th of January 2018 10:10 PM Link
Everything is better with a Pearl (BPPI) Team member. Can’t find a team member and you’d like flooring or paint? You can contact us at benpearlpainting.com or call 270-313-6934. Don’t like Ben? (most people don’t, haha)? You can call Tommy the flooring expert at 270-316-8961. Act now and we will bring you a quart of instant potatoes and a pint of our own special gravy haha. (Dang it, my wife told me to be more serious and professional.....I tried honey, haha)
Message image
20th of January 2018 09:24 PM Link
Hey! Which one of our team members made this young fellow stand on the other side of the fence? You all are so cruel. benpearlpainting.com PAINTING AND FLOORING 270-313-6934
Message image
20th of January 2018 01:06 PM Link
I’m seeing double. benpearlpainting.com
FLOORING AND PAINT, 270-313-6934
Message image
10th of January 2018 12:34 AM Link
Message image
6th of January 2018 03:03 PM Link
Here at BPPI.......we are fatties. Hahaha
Message image
2nd of January 2018 09:13 PM Link
This is Dan....Dan is ugly. Dan is our SW paint rep. Dan has nice jeans but a dirty sweatshirt......don’t be like Dan.
Message image
2nd of January 2018 05:18 PM Link
Message image
31st of December 2017 10:08 PM Link
I had to punch Andreas in the face!!!! He tried to touch my butt, hahahaha
Message image
27th of December 2017 09:34 PM Link
Free paint! End of the year reduction. Bring your trailer and pick it up. 270-313-6934
Message image
26th of December 2017 08:13 PM Link
benpearlpainting.com 270-313-6934 Ben Pearl or for our flooring sales and installation you can call Tommy Dehart at 270-316-8961. We are cleaning house so we can be as efficient and organized as possible when you need us.
Message image
25th of December 2017 01:37 AM Link
Merry Christmas Owensboro.
Message image
21st of December 2017 11:14 PM Link
Dang it Richard Alexander. It’s now 4 days before Christmas it’s getting dark and I’m hungry. Can we go home? Hahaha benpearlpainting.com FLOORING AND PAINTING.
Message image
19th of December 2017 06:34 PM Link
Six days before Christmas, in the rain........ #notscared
Message image
16th of December 2017 03:14 PM Link
Our team has been naughty this year but this time Ben’s in charge instead of Santa and Ben says “Let’s Party!”
Message image
15th of December 2017 12:27 AM Link
Owensboro is my town and I’m proud to be from and proud to live here.
Message image
10th of December 2017 01:49 PM Link
When applying with us here’s a few tips we thought may be common knowledge.
Do not call us late at night nor early Sunday morning.
Do not tell us all about your injuries and reasons you would be a terrible employee.
Do not tell us you can’t work on our schedules times.
Do not have mommy, daddy, girlfriend or boyfriend call for you.
These things are ridiculous and indicate to us you are not the team member(s) we are looking for.
Message image
7th of December 2017 09:34 PM Link
Wanna get ya some white pants? BPPI is hiring professional men and women for positions that include painters, flooring installers and laborers. We hire solid character before experience. Apply at benpearlpainting.com Above standard wages, promotions and bonuses based on performance.
Message image
25th of November 2017 06:55 PM Link
Andreas, Richard, Neil, Robert, Garret, Dave.....HAHAHAHA, I found you fellas a notepad! Haha
Message image
24th of November 2017 10:43 PM Link
Whoever did this to these walls, please contact BPPI - because you sir are most definitely meant to be part of the “worst “ painters in Owensboro. Haha, benpearlpainting.com
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